Noroxin (Norfloxacin)
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Product description: Noroxin is in a group of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. It fights bacteria in the body.
Active Ingredient: Norfloxacin
Noroxin as known as: Urodixil, Co norfloxacin, Norflox-ct, Bactracid, Norfluxx, Chibroxine, Uronovag, Urofos, Foxgoria, Floxamicin, Stbanil, Senro, Norfloxacina, Flox, Loxone, Norfloxacine, Norilet, Norocin, N-flox, Norfloxacino, Firin, Wenflox, Parcetin, Ritromine, Taflox, Uritrat, Floxatrat, Norflostad, Naflox, Trizolin, Grenis, Norbactin, Norfloxacinum, Uro-linfol, Chibroxol, Sinobid, Niterat, Urobacid, Nor, Sebercim, Urotem, Zoroxin, Uroquin, Norfacin, Renor, Flobarl, Nofxan, Azo uroflam, Vefloxa, Rexacin, Pharex norfloxacin, Bacteriotal, Urodol, Normax, Nufloxib, Floxinol, Biscolet, Janacin, Uticina, Uroflox, Norflol, Sofasin, Diperflox, Floxatral, Amicrobin, Lexiflox, Oranor, Lexinor, Renoxacin, Pistofil, Baxicin, Flossac, Respexil, Mitatonin, Ambigram, Bafurokisaru, Noxacin, Noraxin, Norfen, Uroseptal, Utibid, Urobiotic, Esclebin, Bexinor, Norflomax, Alenbit, Basteen, Danilon, Vetamol, Memento nf, Uriflox, Setanol, Norflox, Negalflex, Norflosal, Epinor, Norzen, Fluseminal, Mariotton, Noracin, H-norfloxacin, Gyrablock, Lemorcan, Noprose, Bio tarbun, Bacfamil, Blemalart, Norcozine, Utinor, Uricin, Nalion, Uro-plus, Norsol, Floxen, Apiflox, Norflohexal, Norflodal, Nofocin, Unasera, Menorox, Norflok, Shinun, Theanorf, Norflogen, Barocul, Microxin, Noroxine, Xaflor, Uritracin, Uroxacin, Flocidal, Ovinol, Urospes-n, Lorcamin, Nofloxan, Noflo, Negaflox, Baccidal, Chibroxin, Xasmun, Floxamed, Effectsal, Barazan, Constilax, Notler, Nolicin, Apirol, Espeden, Uroctal, Quinabic, Norax, Asudufe

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