Fosamax (Alendronate)
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Product description: Fosamax is bisphosphonate which is used to prevent and treat certain types of bone loss (osteoporosis) in adults and Paget's disease of the bone.
Active Ingredient: Alendronate
Fosamax as known as: Porosal, Ostex, Fixopan, Alendil, Dargol, Fosteofos, Fortimax, Alendronatum, Oseolen, Actimax, Leodrin, Denfos, Aledrolet, Tevalen, Poris, Dronal, Forosa, Alendrobell, Mosmass, Alendrogen, Ostolek, Dronat, Delfoza, Blindafe, Fosmin, Alendronato, Regenesis, Bonacton, Osteofos, Alendrohexal, Alendromax, Alendronat, Lindron, Alendronstad, Trabecan, Alenotop, Osteonat, Bonemax, Alendros, Durost, Epolar, Acidum alendronicum, Armol, Fosaplus, Aloxin, En-por, Massidron, Alenic, Alenat, Fosavance, Fosalen, Ostemax, Huesobone, Alendra, Ralenost, Fosazom, Ostenan, Alendrolek, Eucalen, Oseotal, Tilios, Moralen, Marvil, Tratos, Onclast, Osteonate, Defixal, Farmemax, Alovell, Adronat, Alen-far, Ostaven, Osteomax, Alendrocare, Drofaz, Fosamac, Porosin, Zondra, Fosfacid, Alendran, Adrovance, Deparex, Bifemelan, Aledox, Alendro, Ostat, Siranin, Lendronal, Dronet, Osteoral, Fosandron, Osteomel, Bifosa, Alenato, Alendro-q, Ossmax, Alendor, Osteomix, Porosimax, Debenal, Stada, Ostalert, Osficar, Fostolin, Aldronac, Tevabone, Pamoseo, Acide alendronique, Brek, Fostepor, Endronal, Lozostun, Osteodur, Fosagen, Acido alendronico, Alenax, Osteofar, Osdren, Alendon, Alendron, Valora, Porodron, Alendron-hexal, Aledronato mk, Oseomax, Berlex, Neobon, Enimon, Teiroc, Genalen, Difonate, Aldron, Ledronin, Lokar, Cleveron, Aldrox, Maxibone, Fosalan, Tevanate, Findeclin, Beenos, Ostenil, Romax, Bonalon, Fosval, Osso, Osteosan, Ostomax, Osaston, Bifoal semanal, Pasodron, Aliot, Ostel, Osteofel, Alendromet, Cetrix, Femide, Alendral, Vegabon, Osteobon, Silidral, Osalen, Holadren, Nichospor, Sumax, Osteofene, Oseotenk, Alendroninezuur, Arendal, Voroste, Minusorb, Teva nate, Andante, Zophost, Dronak, Porolen, Alefos

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